Prof. Dr. Britta Brügger


Heidelberg University

Biochemistry Center (BZH)
Im Neuenheimer Feld 328
69120 Heidelberg





Scientific CV

Academic education and professional career

since 2014

2002 - 2014


2000 - 2002
1998 - 2000


1993 - 1994

Professor of Biochemistry/Chemical Biology, BZH, Faculty of Biosciences, Heidelberg, Germany
Research fellow at the BZH, Heidelberg, Germany

Habilitation (venia legendi) in Biochemistry, Heidelberg University, Germany

Postdoctoral research fellow with Felix T. Wieland at the BZH, Heidelberg, Germany
Postdoctoral research fellow with James E. Rothman at the MSKCC, New York, USA

Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Frankfurt University, Germany

Diploma thesis, University of Göttingen, Germany

Other achievements & Awards

since 2016
since 2014
2014 - 2019
since 2012
since 2011
since 2010
since 2009
since 2006
since 2006
2000 - 2002
1998 - 2000

Elected member of the DFG panel 201-01 ‘Biochemistry/Biophysics’
Walter A. Shaw Young of Investigator Award in Lipid Research
Coordinator of the Biochemistry Bachelor and Master courses
Dean of Studies Biochemistry, Heidelberg University
Member of the Leibniz Institute of Analytical Sciences - ISAS Scientific Advisory Board
Member of HBIGS
Vice-Coordinator SFB/TRR 83
Section Editor BBA Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids
Head of CellNetworks Heidelberg Lipidomics platform
Member of the DFG Cluster of Excellence CellNetworks
Postdoctoral fellowship (Peter and Traudl Engelhorn Program)
Postdoctoral fellowship (EMBO long-term fellowship)


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